When Getting A Jobs Fixed Is Beyond Physical Scope

I have a few chums with old houses – one in particular is constantly moaning about having to repair this or fix that.  It’s quite astonishing just how many times I see her in the year and the same old gripe seems to come up.  When we were lunching out the other week, having sat through another bout of this, I asked what had happened since she last brought up the subject of the leaking gutters and the broken downpipe . . . .   of course, nothing had in fact happened, which is why they were still leaking and broken.  I gave her the details of a good property maintenance and service company.  If you are unable to physically fix a problem, then you must be prepared to pay someone who can, and who will check the rest of the area around the problem and advice on remedial and upfront protection from future failings.      Ah  all fixed!