Wettest Winter Woes Mean Poorly Maintained Homes

This is a most peculiar winter – certainly the most challenging one we’ve had in a couple of generations.  At this time of year we do expect to have the most challenging weather – always a lot of cold, interspersed with dense fog, freezing at times, maybe some lightweight snow and always some ice along the way.  Well leading up to this point we’ve had endless rain, it’s been the most prolonged downpouring in centuries – this of course has cause absolute mayhem with flooding and several towns and villages are still struggling to get straight some months after they suffered this.  Global warming and climate change are definitely blameworthy, as is the lack of envronmental maintenance in many areas.  This is turn has a knock on effect on houses in those areas.  Because it’s impossible to get insurance on a once flooded home, people don’t really bother with the upkeep as much as they might.  This leads in time to rot and badly cared for outsides. Gutters are not replaced which lets more water run down the brickwork.  Window frames are left rotting and this causes irrepairable damage.   It needs expert maintenance teams to come in and really fix up these properties to make them fully habitable once more.