Property Changeovers Need Strong Wills

The small matter of downsizing from a large family detached house in a home counties town to a twee little chocolate box cottage on the edge of a village in the middle of nowhere can be very challenging.   It’s even more so for the rose tinted glasses wearing older couple who have apparently always harboured a desire to join the country set and have a space in the back garden for hens, goats, a pony or two and maybe a boat on the river at the end of their garden.  Then they need to have space to grow all that veg and so the list goes on and on.  One particular presenter of the most popular ‘legging it away from the town’ show does have the very well crafted knack of bringing the starry eyed couple down to earth with the words ‘down sizing was the aim when we started, so a little compromise is going  to be needed soon’.  It always seemed to do the trick.