Rented Executive Home Are Such In Investment

You’d be amazed at the number of folk in one small housing development who manage to find something to do on their houses and gardens every hour of every day. . . .   Where I live it’s quiet during the normal Monday to Friday week.  The children are at school, most homes have both parents out working and so only a few of us home workers are around.  Weekends of course are another matter completely – it can be bedlem at times!  However this noise factor has been spread throughout the week lately – enforced quarantining.   Power washing of the driveway and patio seems to be the major Monday task.   Lawn mowing and scarifying on Wednesdays, as is now the clearing of the junk to the tip on Wed to Sundays.  Lots of these executive detached houses are rented out permanently so management companies get their contractors to sort out problems inside but also deal with the gardens and landscaping.  I’ve noted too that they get involved with maintaining the exterior of the properties by way of guttering and de-mossing of rooftops.