Refurb In The Most Minimal Fashion Draws Appreciation

I was attending a volunteers’ catch up meeting yesterday where I act as a hall stewrard a lot.   The Hall itself was built in the late 18th Century and is a direct replacement for the substantial looking tudor pile it replaced.  As much as I love the Hall as it stands with secret passages and  doorways hidden along the halls, i can’t help wishing the tudor one prevailed!  There is only work being carried out below stairs currently – they have received a huge grant to help open this part up and it’s proving to be the most popular area.  Lots of hands on project and dressing up in Footmens’  gear.    There has been no prettification, instead the organisers preferring take the advice of the heritage lotter fund and only replace anything actually broken or decayed beyond reasonable point.   This element of the house has proven so popular, it could sell tours just for that.