Property Investment Bringing Changes For Tenants

The interesting thing about property development is the wide range of expectations of the buyers when you see them on the tv lifestyle shows.  There’s one particular programme that deals with auctions and we meet a huge selection  – some will already be experienced in buying and doing up places and others are just setting out on their journey to make millions . . . .  The truth of the matter is that some succeed in making a good job of the interior design and others just get the cheapest stuff and tidy up theirs – just for the rental market.  When I was renting I would have loved a tidier array of flats than I was ever able to rent – the property investment business had not been  a career changer that is is now and it was a matter of finding a postcard in a window offering accommodation; going along to view and checking if it looked fairly safe.  The finer points of life never came in to it.  Like facilities management, landlord insurance to make sure I was covered if something happened!  It’s much safer and nicer for tenants nowadays – thanks to property investors who put in much more effort.