Pre Purchase Checks Need To Be Really Thorough

My niece has not long moved into her second house – the first being a rather swish three floor town house in the middle of a village expressly created by the developer.   It was glorious whilst she was single and didn’t mind going up and down the several sets of windy metallic to her bedroom in the crowsnest.   The stairs were a pain everytime she & hubby remembered something they need up there!     So they moved to an older house slotted in on a brownfield site.  Masses of problems not picked up during pre purchase – gutters, leaking garage roof, kitchen sink dramas.  Shower cubicle that refuses to shut and showers that didn’t deliver much water . . . .  Great disappointment all round. But a property problem company her dad knows came to the rescue and within 3 months has identified and rectified many of the underlying problems.  Replacing their boiler was key to many.  Ah give a round for the experts!