Politeness & Prompt Payment Assures Best Workmanship

I used to work i a small village travel agency – it was the latest one in a small chain of them owned and run by a family coach company.  When I was growing up, my mother was the MDs personal secretary and did all his business correspondence and much of his family activities too.  If there was any booking of tradesmen or repair companies, maintenance visits etc. my mother was the ‘go to’ fixer.    This was very helpful to me to watch her in action – no nonsense either, if the booking was for CJ.  The very name used to conjur up great respect amongst local plumbers, builders, electricians etc.  To get the very best out of any group of workers, politeneness, calmness and prompt payment for services rendered were her methods.  Never was anyone be too busy when Mrs M needed any work carried out on any of the firm’s travel premises or CJs country house!