Needing That Property Guy – A Trusted Trader

There can be many a problem when you own a property, be that flat or house or bungalow.   This is particularly true for the single person with one or two mobility issues.   The ability to shin up a ladder at a moment’s notice to check out the guttering, or two find out why damp seems to be collecting around the edge of the upstairs windows – outside . . . .   Having a property problem solver’s number tapped into your ‘useful numbers’ section of your contacts list is a boon.   Finding a reliable one is key – there are now a few of the ‘trader ratings’ lists around on which satisfied customers rate and review services supplied.  These can be relied on.  All traders have to register – and pay to be on it.  They also need to show they’re qualified, certified if necessary and fully insured for public and personal liability and deal honestly with vat matters.