Need For More Space Starts Property Porfolio

The need to have more space has cropped up for one of my offspring – she and her partner have a very neat but tiny starter home.  True, it does have 3 bedrooms and it does have a garden, but the actual house size is less than half of my home.  It does most of the things you need though, a substantial downstairs cloakroom, a small but well designed kitchen, spacious fitted wardrobe in the master etc.  But after 4 years and the acquisition of first one puppy and then another, they have outgrown this little paradise.

What to do next – well, getting a much more spacious home with a bigger garden is first.  They wanted to do this gradually and keep the existing home to start their property portfolio.  Getting the right advice and using experts along the way should enable them to see their dream come to fruition.