Make Do & Mend Applies To Worn Out Houses Too

There is only one thing about staying in a home for more than about 15 years – things start falling apart after that while.   It has to be said that families do tend to treat homes a tad more roughly these days.  In this throw away society that we’ve created, means we don’t hold dear the furniture, bakeware, cooking utensils, or any fixtures and fittings as our grandparents and parents may have done.   For their generations, the motto “Mend and Make Do” and “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” meant every day existence.  These old fashioned ideas should be thought of more though by all families.  Taking care of our property particularly will make it safer, warmer, less expensive and much nicer to live in.  Replacing broken windows and frames, repairing any damaged or broken guttering and fascia boards all keep out the elements and look so much better.  It’s pride and economic sense.