Maintenance Contract Provides Peace Of Mind

When you run a villa rental portfolio in somewhere hot, like cyprus, there is inevitably going to be problems with some of the places over any given holiday period.  The tenants can be a bit rough and ready, they’re out in the sun with masses of cheap(ish) alcohol and they intend to get blattered every day if they can.  This doesn’t make for a very good mix where looking after the property is concerned.  So one good way to resolve this siutation is to engage the services of a professional property maintenane company – they know how to spot problems before they manifest themselves into catastrophes.  Missing roof tiles and broken flooring are easy to spot, but it’s things like termite damage to woodwork and warped window frames end up creating huge problems later on.  Keeping on top of each property is the only way and a regular contract can sort this out once and for all.