Knowing Spending Limited For Renovations

If someone has some spare cash about, there’s little point in investing it in any bank based account.   Investing in property has often been hailed as the best way forward.  Obviously there have sometimes been as many bad times for that as there have been good, or so it seems.   For the most part, property does give a good return but only if it’s bought at the right price and has the right ratio of money spent on doing it up along the way.  Most areas will have a ceiling price and if someone’s buying to let it out for rent, then there’s most definitely a limited scope for ‘splashing the cash’.  Unless the owner’s going to live in it for a few years, then spending a lot on high end refurbs in a run down working class terrace, that money will never be recouped.  Better to make a tidy job of the renovation and stick to good quality budget refits which will impress and ensure a better quality tenant.