Keeping On Top Of Property Problems Restores Calm

The problem with running a house alone is the physical limitations that stop the natural instinct to get up there and fix whatever looks like it’s about to come crashing down next.  Last year in mid winter, very stormy day which followed a long icy spell, there was an ominous scraping  noise outside my bedroom window.  About 2 am the unmistakable sound of crashing as the top gable guttering decided to part company with the house – it bounced down the garage roof and landed under the car.  At least it didn’t blow down the street – even more irritating at that time of the morning!

After that episode, I made contact with a property problem agency – a small band of handymen who between them were able to conjur up solutions to just about every domestic crisis likely to ever hit me again.  I have thanked my lucky stars for their existence so many times and pass their details on at every opportunity.