High Winds Call For Regular Property Maintenance

We have had the most unbelievable weather this winter – some days we’ve experienced every conceivable condition, heavy rain showers giving way to hail then sleet and drifting snow, back to bright sunshine.  We can’t instantly or individually affect the weather but we can protect our major asset in life – our property.  One of the first things when taking out that desperately sought mortgage is book buildings and contents insurance – this is so important and can often be considered an unwarranted expense when cash is tight.  But in the case of damage to houses, the insurance is essential if the bill is high.  Keeping the house maintained is vital – gutters, soffits, fascias, aerials etc. must be affuxed to stop blowing down and damaging yours or the neighbour’s property.  Ensuring damp proofing is adequate and effective, making sure windows are sealed in walls and pointing secure.  A property agency is able to help regularly maintain property to eliminate this worry.