Heeding Pre-Auction Buying Advice

One of the oddest tv programmes of the last twenty or so years must be the one involving property bought at auction.   It shows three every episode – they are mostly houses or bungalows but sometimes the odd quirky chapel, pub, working mens’ club etc.   In fact, the range of unloved and seriously delapidated places is rather frightening.  The idea is for the viewer to see the dump before sale and then the marvellous end result after their refurbishent and rebuild work.  The common denominator is the need for the would be buyers to take a good look at the dump before the auction date and not get carried away buying something for the sake of it if their first choice goes for a higher figure than budgeted for.    It is incredible how easily the first timers get sucked into the all action excitement of the bidding and then we often see the distaught looks on their faces when the host of the show interviews them and asks ‘why this one’?    I do like seeing the finished results – some are absolute miracles!