Getting That Unloved Property Back Up to Scratch

A pal inherited a property a while ago –  very exciting, partiularly as this was a very much unexpected surprise.  After the intial thrill and shock had died away, the daunting task of actually taking over the ownership loomed large.  The house had been lived in for many years by two ancient aunts.  As the years went on, the aunts and the house gradually aged together and of course, through lack of maintenance, gradually fell apart together.

The simplest solution for my pal, after consulting a couple of rather shady cowboy operations and rapidly stepping back, was to consult some of professional problem property companies to talk seriously about what would be required to eleminate the worst evils and the bring the house up to good rentable standard and then maintaining it as such.   The work was a little costlier than first envisaged but the was top class and resulted in much higher rental income soon offsetting that outlay.