First Flat Investment Pays Big Dividends

The best way to improve one’s financial lot I’m sure, is to invest in property.  I know a young chap who strained every sinew to buy his first flat in a seriously run down part of south london – it had a grim reputation but it was near his university.   It was pretty awful going to visit him at times, especially when there were racially motivated flare ups amongst the local community.  However, the area got a little bit smarter over the years.  An old vaudeville theatre venue was brought back to life and taken over by a national broadcasting company to host a now mega successful comedy playhouse which is featured on mainstream tv now.  The change has been meteoric.  So  has the value of that strange little 3rd floor flat with its sloping ceilings and odd little stairways.  The £53K he struggled desperately to get mortgage funds for has now just sold for £352K.  That can’t be a bad turaround for twenty year investment.