Facilities Management – Heads Up On Multi Taking

There are many ways of looking at how to run a business – from the top down, the person who started it in the very begining to the hi tech smooth operation it has turned into.    Having a robust facilities management team within the organisation these days is essential.  There are so many areas covered within their heading.  One of the key issues would be ensuring the company or organisation as a whole complies totally and unambiguously with the letter of the law.  We see many tragic industrial accidents through a working year reported on the news.  Eventually the inquests or official enquiry into these happenings always highlight a lack of expertise or simply not adhering to the rules – slapdash working practices that lead to an accident – and a death.    The consequences for the folk directly at fault for not knowing or taking notice of the rules can be fines, imprisonment, loss of reputation and confidence and of course, loss of the business with all the good staff with it.