Facilities Management Cover Many Responsibilities

Facilities management services are generally tailored to match a customer’s needs in that they combine various integrated services.  These could include mechanical and electrical engineering, environmental concerns and technically challenging issues such as maintenance and condition of the building fabric and surroundings.    Apart from the property and running of it – keeping the escalators and lifts operating safely, ensuring the power is available all the time and the aircon doesn’t break down in the height of summer.  They can also deal with such things as asset tagging and recording – knowing exactly what is in each buzzing cabinet is amongst this section.  Health and Safety concerns are always upper most in management eyes and the facilities management company will be fully coversant with current laws.  Procurement is another huge area – from the catering side to the washroom and janitorial – including also the recycling and garage disposal contracts.  Financial management and budget preparation together with tendering and negotiating annual service agreements go hand in hand with the other responsibilities.