Even Paradise Need Regular Problem Spotting & Solving

Now looking at the pic on this month’s blog, you can’t imagine anything remotely like property problems.   A gorgeous chalet in the country – a modern day roses round the door kind of place.  But on closer inspection there is what I know from experience, can be a major catastrophe looming for that particular house owner.  The path is very narrow, very plain and when the snow and ice comes along – hmm quite an interesting selection of pitfalls present themselves to the hapless visitor.    Falling visitors aside, that tree growing up the side of the house is of course a major defect.  Root damage that will unsettle any foundations that may have been laid.  The branches of the tree indicae great age – another problem with trees – falling over suddenly without warning when they reach life end.   So even the most idyllic scene needs property maintenance teams on hand to do routine checking and fixing of any problem spotted.