Ensuring Your Property Agent Is Tree Aware

One of the key features of property maintenance plans is to ensure the unexpected doesn’t happen.     Facilities management is a contractural arrangement with a company that literally does do all the supplies of hardware supplies; check, repairs or refit as necessary etc. for a monthly fee.  This should involve ensuring all the legal aspects of the building are kept completely up to date.  Knowing the lie of the land is sometimes overlooked when companies take on contracts.  Are they aware of all the pipelines and utilities going in to the property;  do they know whether the trees in the garden or just outside the wall/fence, are stable and who actually owns the land – the land boundary may not be as it first seems.  This is very relevant if the tree falls or is blown over after hundreds of years of blissfull splendour.  Ensuring the company holds really watertight personal and public liability insurance is critical – should that tree come down, injuring people and neigbouring properties.   Knowing who owns trees, whether there are preservation orders on any and who to contact about them is a far more important matter than many contractors think.