Compromise & Downsizing – Not Easily Achieved

Almost everybody likes the idea of a property in the country.   We see these programmes on tv of folk, already in nice houses but now itching to either downsize, or just up sticks and move to their dream location off the beaten track.  Now this is always a lot more difficult to pull off when the couple are set in very established ways and have gotten used to having a lot of space for their living.   No end of times you hear the presenter of the programme reminding the couple that the magic words ‘downsize’ and ‘compromise’ were freely banded about at the start of the project but seem to dry up dramatically as each house meets a woeful rejection for not having a big enough kitchen or the bedrooms are too squashed etc.  One host of a programme, retaining as much patience and grace as possible managed to convey through gritted teeth that country cottages are necessarily small and pokey with beams – they were built to retain warmth.