Commercial Landlords Counting Minor Blessings

With markets in a fairly depressed state, it can be very difficult to know where to invest capital.  The very phrase ‘stocks and shares’ throws many folk into a state of anxious frenzy.   The world knows that investmens can go down as well as up – for many, this swinging from high to low is too terrifying to contemplate risking hard £s to try out.  Buying property used to be considered one of the best was to invest in a project – maybe a purchase has been made to help bolster the retirement prospects ahead of any official state payout.  Knowing your markets is key – if the bottom falls out of one sector, it won’t necessarily follow that the other markets will fall.  Commercial property i.e. offices, shops, commercial enterprises etc. will generally give a return of some sort – although businesses of all sorts are having to pull belts in etc. enough businesses are still operating robustly to make the job of the official landlord worthwhile.