Wintery Weather In Summer Means Property Maintenance Woes

It is drizzling so horribly at the moment, it’s impossible to recall that we are actually in the middle of the English summer season.  My phone tells me the outside temperature for the area and it is right down to near autumnal figures.  The central heating timer is not a million miles away and it is so very tempting to get up and press the on button!  Another things about lousy constantly pouring rain is the worry that something could be leaking on my loft.

When I have these moments of doubt at my peroperty owning capabilities, I am cheered by the thought that a phone call or click away is a raft of experts in the field of property maintenance, renovation, remodelling etc.   Mostly the repair and maintenance side is my more urgent quest.  Looking at sites not enough.  Just checking out the reviews as far back as possible!

Need For More Space Starts Property Porfolio

The need to have more space has cropped up for one of my offspring – she and her partner have a very neat but tiny starter home.  True, it does have 3 bedrooms and it does have a garden, but the actual house size is less than half of my home.  It does most of the things you need though, a substantial downstairs cloakroom, a small but well designed kitchen, spacious fitted wardrobe in the master etc.  But after 4 years and the acquisition of first one puppy and then another, they have outgrown this little paradise.

What to do next – well, getting a much more spacious home with a bigger garden is first.  They wanted to do this gradually and keep the existing home to start their property portfolio.  Getting the right advice and using experts along the way should enable them to see their dream come to fruition.

Sorting Property Nightmares Before Winter Returns

Taking time out to ensure property problems are addressed early in the summer months may seem a very obvious course to take and in fact if you asked 1000 house owners, 999 of them would probably say that’s what they do.  But do they ? When summer comes, we are all so busy out there enjoying the rays, taking coffee on a little bistro patio or sitting by the river at lunchtime etc.  Very few of us are voluntarily hiking up ladders to inspect the guttering after the baby blackbirds and bluetits have fledged.

Getting the services of a really top notch property maintenance company is a real boon when there are so many jobs that have to be seen to in a year.  This is especially important if you own more than just your own house – perhaps a portfolio of tenanted apartments.  Their expertise will really help to ensure you have the best job done and safety factors will be a priority.

Save Time & Money – Use Professional Property People

When we see those lifestyle programmes on tv, where we follow the story of folk  buying their home in an auction, there are always amusing little anecdotes and tales of woe to be enjoyed by those of us not actually parting with any hard earned cash.  The ones who inspire me most however are the professional property dealers.  They know their market and when they are getting something ready for the rental side, they know exactly how much needs replacing and how to stem any indulgent spending.

Nine times out of ten you hear them say to the host of the show, oh we have our own gang of tradespeople.  They know from exerience that to get a property really up to scratch in the shortes time and at the least cost, getting a professional company will save money in the long run.  Amateurs rarely save the money they plan.

Property Maintenance Considerations

During a particularly cold patch in the winter just gone, when we were froen to the bone all the time and the force 8 gales were evident even before the weather presenters mentioned storm doris and the like . . . .   this fence surrounding this house suffered a direct hit.  One part of the garden is very exposed and it’s in a fairly open spot.  This in itself is not usually a problem, but when it’s very windy, the fence takes a pasting because of the winds that whip up around the end of my house, down to the one over the back and my fence is in the middle.

I have always hired a property and garden maintenance geru to help my in the maintenance side of running my home.  There is too much for one person to keep up with especially with the garden – they are experts and really know their stuff.

Awareness Of Property Issues Saves Problems Later

Our first home was the middle of a Victorian terrace built in 1888.  At the time it must have been quiite fabulous to have – a lounge and separate reception room – known in those days quite possibly as front parlour and snug.  Then out the back would have been a small sculler kitchen.   There was a long narrow hallway going from back to front and up the stairs to  the bedrooms – we had an upstairs bathroom then.

I remember that we were very inexperienced where any property matters were concered and did not realise the point about shared loft space for example.  This came a rude awakening when a neighbour door doors down, decided to build up into their attic space – discovered infestation had eaten into much of the roofing supports. it affected all the houses in the terrace and we had to have remedial work carried out. If we had done regular maintenance this could have been sorted sooner.

A Maintenance Company Saves Hours Of Worry

The one thing that all property owners dread is when problems arise – like the down guttering that suddenly starts leaking and you have to replace rather repidly.  The water ingress can do so much damage and it will reduce the value of the property.  A property problem maintenance company looking after the property can hel.  Where the property supervisor might run the company, in addition to controlling the home home administration may also contain industrial houses. Some areas might need a home supervisor to become certified for that occupation.

The home director includes a main obligation towards an extra obligation along with the landlord towards the tenant. With the tenant and the connection the home supervisor has using the landlord are in-forming the objectives of both events towards the rent very important since both events anticipate and may find advantages and particular privileges from it.

Ongoing Property Issues Need Resolving For Good

There can be no doubt the most expensive thing that any person, couple, family will ever buy in their whole lifetime is their house.  Property today is very expensive in many parts of the country –  it is totally out of the question for many of these folk to contemplate buying – with so much needed in advance for buying, the chance to save this figure gets more and more difficult as the years race by.

When families decide they cannot move, upsize, whatever, the families stay put, saving thousands in fees and inconvenience.  Sometimes however, without it being an older homeowner’s fault, they are suddenly unable to carry on caring for the home and over the years, it too deteriorates until it is a heap.  The time to bring in the property problem solvers is possibly a little late then but if families used property problem solvers, life would be sweet.

Getting That Unloved Property Back Up to Scratch

A pal inherited a property a while ago –  very exciting, partiularly as this was a very much unexpected surprise.  After the intial thrill and shock had died away, the daunting task of actually taking over the ownership loomed large.  The house had been lived in for many years by two ancient aunts.  As the years went on, the aunts and the house gradually aged together and of course, through lack of maintenance, gradually fell apart together.

The simplest solution for my pal, after consulting a couple of rather shady cowboy operations and rapidly stepping back, was to consult some of professional problem property companies to talk seriously about what would be required to eleminate the worst evils and the bring the house up to good rentable standard and then maintaining it as such.   The work was a little costlier than first envisaged but the was top class and resulted in much higher rental income soon offsetting that outlay.

Keeping On Top Of Property Problems Restores Calm

The problem with running a house alone is the physical limitations that stop the natural instinct to get up there and fix whatever looks like it’s about to come crashing down next.  Last year in mid winter, very stormy day which followed a long icy spell, there was an ominous scraping  noise outside my bedroom window.  About 2 am the unmistakable sound of crashing as the top gable guttering decided to part company with the house – it bounced down the garage roof and landed under the car.  At least it didn’t blow down the street – even more irritating at that time of the morning!

After that episode, I made contact with a property problem agency – a small band of handymen who between them were able to conjur up solutions to just about every domestic crisis likely to ever hit me again.  I have thanked my lucky stars for their existence so many times and pass their details on at every opportunity.