Make Do & Mend Applies To Worn Out Houses Too

There is only one thing about staying in a home for more than about 15 years – things start falling apart after that while.   It has to be said that families do tend to treat homes a tad more roughly these days.  In this throw away society that we’ve created, means we don’t hold dear the furniture, bakeware, cooking utensils, or any fixtures and fittings as our grandparents and parents may have done.   For their generations, the motto “Mend and Make Do” and “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” meant every day existence.  These old fashioned ideas should be thought of more though by all families.  Taking care of our property particularly will make it safer, warmer, less expensive and much nicer to live in.  Replacing broken windows and frames, repairing any damaged or broken guttering and fascia boards all keep out the elements and look so much better.  It’s pride and economic sense.

Protecting Our Heritage Buildings For Generations

I live in a part of the country that has more than its fair share of heritage and historic properties.  Being in the very quiet zone that had many connections with the English civil war and other battles over the centuries, the occupants of big houses were usually already rich but managed to add to their piles by judicious side swapping and patronage.  The spoils of their wars now require vast sums to keep them from falling down in ruin.  This is where our craftsmen and women are gaining fantastic experience in decorating and maintaining very precious buildings which are generally Grade I or II, needing very specific building controls for all work – building, change of windows, guttering etc.  Everything has to comply with a set of the most stringent rules designed to protect the origins of our amazing building heritage and history.  Very expensive but invaluable for this tiny power-house island!

Insurance Limited For Badly Maintained Properties

Just at the moment we are being battered by a variety of storms coming our way from every direction.    To me this is quite a new phenonenom – a really viscious storm was a once in twenty year experience when I was growing up.  Yes, we would have the thunder storms in late summer, if it got hot enough.  Winter heralded freezing cold weather with icicles and snow in January and February, sometimes through to Easter.  This regular battering from storms is something we have to get used to.  Ensuring our property maintenance plan is effective will be something our home insurance companies will be getting hot about.  They clearly state on policies that properties must be maintained in good order and repairs carried out to minimise damage.  Engaging a property maintenance team for regular checks and making good is a very sound investment these days.  Always better to be safe than expensively sorry!

When Getting A Jobs Fixed Is Beyond Physical Scope

I have a few chums with old houses – one in particular is constantly moaning about having to repair this or fix that.  It’s quite astonishing just how many times I see her in the year and the same old gripe seems to come up.  When we were lunching out the other week, having sat through another bout of this, I asked what had happened since she last brought up the subject of the leaking gutters and the broken downpipe . . . .   of course, nothing had in fact happened, which is why they were still leaking and broken.  I gave her the details of a good property maintenance and service company.  If you are unable to physically fix a problem, then you must be prepared to pay someone who can, and who will check the rest of the area around the problem and advice on remedial and upfront protection from future failings.      Ah  all fixed!

Politeness & Prompt Payment Assures Best Workmanship

I used to work i a small village travel agency – it was the latest one in a small chain of them owned and run by a family coach company.  When I was growing up, my mother was the MDs personal secretary and did all his business correspondence and much of his family activities too.  If there was any booking of tradesmen or repair companies, maintenance visits etc. my mother was the ‘go to’ fixer.    This was very helpful to me to watch her in action – no nonsense either, if the booking was for CJ.  The very name used to conjur up great respect amongst local plumbers, builders, electricians etc.  To get the very best out of any group of workers, politeneness, calmness and prompt payment for services rendered were her methods.  Never was anyone be too busy when Mrs M needed any work carried out on any of the firm’s travel premises or CJs country house!

Maintenance Contract Provides Peace Of Mind

When you run a villa rental portfolio in somewhere hot, like cyprus, there is inevitably going to be problems with some of the places over any given holiday period.  The tenants can be a bit rough and ready, they’re out in the sun with masses of cheap(ish) alcohol and they intend to get blattered every day if they can.  This doesn’t make for a very good mix where looking after the property is concerned.  So one good way to resolve this siutation is to engage the services of a professional property maintenane company – they know how to spot problems before they manifest themselves into catastrophes.  Missing roof tiles and broken flooring are easy to spot, but it’s things like termite damage to woodwork and warped window frames end up creating huge problems later on.  Keeping on top of each property is the only way and a regular contract can sort this out once and for all.

Refurb In The Most Minimal Fashion Draws Appreciation

I was attending a volunteers’ catch up meeting yesterday where I act as a hall stewrard a lot.   The Hall itself was built in the late 18th Century and is a direct replacement for the substantial looking tudor pile it replaced.  As much as I love the Hall as it stands with secret passages and  doorways hidden along the halls, i can’t help wishing the tudor one prevailed!  There is only work being carried out below stairs currently – they have received a huge grant to help open this part up and it’s proving to be the most popular area.  Lots of hands on project and dressing up in Footmens’  gear.    There has been no prettification, instead the organisers preferring take the advice of the heritage lotter fund and only replace anything actually broken or decayed beyond reasonable point.   This element of the house has proven so popular, it could sell tours just for that.

Modern Homes Much Easier To Maintain

I know of two extensive properties that have a very pressing maintenance problem in each.  One has masses of wood panelling throughout the ground floor rooms and presumably the upper storeys too.  This is now causing the trust that owns it a tremendous problem because the delicate nature of the wood that’s left needs to be treated with a pretty aggressive wood worm killer.  There is a definite aroma that comes with this kind of treatment too.  I volunteer in one of these houses – taking a discrete seat in the corner of the room and jumping to life when any visitor needs further information on a particular area of the room or floor.  Knowing how much effort the holding trust has to go to every year makes me doubly careful about looking out for dangerous issues in  my own humbe abode.  It will be so much easier for me to deal with too.

Even Paradise Need Regular Problem Spotting & Solving

Now looking at the pic on this month’s blog, you can’t imagine anything remotely like property problems.   A gorgeous chalet in the country – a modern day roses round the door kind of place.  But on closer inspection there is what I know from experience, can be a major catastrophe looming for that particular house owner.  The path is very narrow, very plain and when the snow and ice comes along – hmm quite an interesting selection of pitfalls present themselves to the hapless visitor.    Falling visitors aside, that tree growing up the side of the house is of course a major defect.  Root damage that will unsettle any foundations that may have been laid.  The branches of the tree indicae great age – another problem with trees – falling over suddenly without warning when they reach life end.   So even the most idyllic scene needs property maintenance teams on hand to do routine checking and fixing of any problem spotted.

High Winds Call For Regular Property Maintenance

We have had the most unbelievable weather this winter – some days we’ve experienced every conceivable condition, heavy rain showers giving way to hail then sleet and drifting snow, back to bright sunshine.  We can’t instantly or individually affect the weather but we can protect our major asset in life – our property.  One of the first things when taking out that desperately sought mortgage is book buildings and contents insurance – this is so important and can often be considered an unwarranted expense when cash is tight.  But in the case of damage to houses, the insurance is essential if the bill is high.  Keeping the house maintained is vital – gutters, soffits, fascias, aerials etc. must be affuxed to stop blowing down and damaging yours or the neighbour’s property.  Ensuring damp proofing is adequate and effective, making sure windows are sealed in walls and pointing secure.  A property agency is able to help regularly maintain property to eliminate this worry.