Caring For Property Needs & Facility Management

There can be no greater incentive to buyinto property than to discover renting, which you thought so reasonable ten years ago, is now a great deal dearer in real terms.   It is true that if you are a long term tenant, there isn’t much a landlord can do beyond increasing the rent annually but that can only be by 10% max.  However that adds up to quite an increase after 10 years.    My neighbour’s daughter was thinking of renting a house but was seriously dissolutioned at the poor state of those on the rental market.  Their prospective rental agency had not done anything in the way of organising facilities management and the landlord just looked on property investment as an easy meal ticket.  But to get the best tenant, clean, caring and loyal, it needs some input the other way too.   Attending to every property maintenance need promptly is time and money consuming but reputations as a mean landlord can damage future business potential.