Careful Project Planning Irons Out Possible Problems

I have recently had an invitation to visit a family member who has been slowly but very surely progressing with a very large extension on the side and above the garage of his house.  I was shown the plans some five or six years ago and they were still fighting the day with the local planning officers – back and forth things seemed to go until at last the coveted permission arrived.  No time wasted, the project was begun and I have been privileged to watch and wonder at the various stages.  This week I was shown a very well advanced shell – plumbing for the ensuites, new bathroom and downstairs facilities needed before anything else can continue.   This depends on the availability of the plumber who is so good, he’s constantly booked.  Nice problem to have.  This is one property that has had so mucy care and thought put into the work, the problems iron themselves out.