Absent Project Management Leads To Friction

I’ve recently been in contact with some chaps who are busy building a fantastic holiday apartment in a tiny wee village in Cyprus.  They’ve got a portfolio of seriously luxury end holiday rental homes.   This latest is by far their most challenging a the terrain is seriusly rocky and there have been massive family arguments and fallings out.  Over there land and property is left to the female side of the family – usually plots have been held in one family for centuries and this way ensures each generation has some scope for building if they so need.  In the case of the 2 guys, the land was left to one of them by his father who had bought it as part of a syndicate   . . . . . The scheme was granted all the permissions needed and so building commenced . . . . .  without either owner being present.   Bad move.  Cypriot builders and developers are a very odd bunch!  Communication is bad enough all year round but somewhat exscerbated when a steadying hand isn’t around.