About Us

Property Problems Solved was setup in 2005 to provide a unique benefit to small property owners in improving their own house value to be able to afford a larger property. Since 2005, the industry has imploded and exploded and we now cover a whole range of different mechanisms to do with the Property arena such as interior design, furniture, oak doors and more. By trying out these useful tips and hitting the sweet spot when it comes to selling your property / home at the right time of year, you’ll be able to improve your house value by up to 30% simply by carrying out the tasks that our experts post on this website each month.

It’s relatively simple and we don’t hold or take any credit for our work, meaning you can use it as best you want! However, we do ask for you to reference our work if you need to blog about us, so if you could do that that’ll be great.

Simon, our deputy head manager of Property Problems is really the guy to get the best tips from. He has been involved in this marketplace for over 30 years now and during that time many items and areas in the marketplace have changed for better and for worse.