Change Of Property Problems Over The Pond

As I sit here in the early summer months – absolutely frozen to the bone . . . .  The weather here has been astonishing.  No set pattern at all for the last year or two.  I was only bemoaning the cold wet spring just before going on a short break to Texax, where it unseasonably hot – all the time.  None of this having the heating on one day and sweltering trying to find natural shade the next  – Aircon essential 24/7 there.  The house I stayed in was still relatively new –  5 years, and was the standard wooden framework and fibre board infill design they go in for.  Any little niggles are seen to immediately – the fibreboard needs to be protected from critters, very aggressive squirrels, other pests and the weather.  It is very hot most days and also very humid, so weatherboarding rots easily, as do all soffits and fascias.  The windows have to have shade shutters on the inside so as to keep out most of the sun and heat.  These are definitely a different set of property problems to those we have!

Awareness Of Property Issues Saves Problems Later

Our first home was the middle of a Victorian terrace built in 1888.  At the time it must have been quiite fabulous to have – a lounge and separate reception room – known in those days quite possibly as front parlour and snug.  Then out the back would have been a small sculler kitchen.   There was a long narrow hallway going from back to front and up the stairs to  the bedrooms – we had an upstairs bathroom then.

I remember that we were very inexperienced where any property matters were concered and did not realise the point about shared loft space for example.  This came a rude awakening when a neighbour door doors down, decided to build up into their attic space – discovered infestation had eaten into much of the roofing supports. it affected all the houses in the terrace and we had to have remedial work carried out. If we had done regular maintenance this could have been sorted sooner.

Ongoing Property Issues Need Resolving For Good

There can be no doubt the most expensive thing that any person, couple, family will ever buy in their whole lifetime is their house.  Property today is very expensive in many parts of the country –  it is totally out of the question for many of these folk to contemplate buying – with so much needed in advance for buying, the chance to save this figure gets more and more difficult as the years race by.

When families decide they cannot move, upsize, whatever, the families stay put, saving thousands in fees and inconvenience.  Sometimes however, without it being an older homeowner’s fault, they are suddenly unable to carry on caring for the home and over the years, it too deteriorates until it is a heap.  The time to bring in the property problem solvers is possibly a little late then but if families used property problem solvers, life would be sweet.

Caring For Property Needs & Facility Management

There can be no greater incentive to buyinto property than to discover renting, which you thought so reasonable ten years ago, is now a great deal dearer in real terms.   It is true that if you are a long term tenant, there isn’t much a landlord can do beyond increasing the rent annually but that can only be by 10% max.  However that adds up to quite an increase after 10 years.    My neighbour’s daughter was thinking of renting a house but was seriously dissolutioned at the poor state of those on the rental market.  Their prospective rental agency had not done anything in the way of organising facilities management and the landlord just looked on property investment as an easy meal ticket.  But to get the best tenant, clean, caring and loyal, it needs some input the other way too.   Attending to every property maintenance need promptly is time and money consuming but reputations as a mean landlord can damage future business potential.

Rental Portfolio Needs Facilities Management

When you live in an apartment there is usually some form of ground rent to pay to the landlord who owns the freehold – the land on which your apartment block is built.  On top of this comes monthly service charge for a management or facilities company to look after the grounds, any external buildings such as garages or waste collection points.  They are also contracted to maintain all the gardens and communal spaces.   Usually the landlord/s will use one property company to deal with all the regular site maintenace and another group dedicated to the green spaces and gardens.   With rental apartments it is critical that the facilities management team are completely honest, trusworthy,  fully trained and experienced  – they have to enter properties to fix all kinds of problems from misbehaving plumbing and central heating to windows or guttering that needs repairing.   Getting the right team takes time and a lot of research!

When Getting The Expertise You Need For Property Problems Is Paramount

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Property Still Great Investment If Handled Well

Strange as it may seem, property is still one of the best forms of investment, despite the global problems we’ve endured this last year.  It’s never going to offer quick returs.  You can’t buy a place one month and make the killing next month by selling on without touching the ground.  The stages of conveyancing involved with fees clocking up on each dictates holding on to the property.    In the intervening period, if it’s not the principal residence, then regular maintenance carried out and a good rental agent keeping on top of tenants will ensure maximum rental income is possible.  As with every investment venture, research is needed into best areas for buying into the rental sector.  Also if a property needs updating and refub before releasing to let, keeping to a sensible budget but not skimping or cutting corners also attracts a better and generally longer term tenant.  Ensuring it’s kept in tip top condition will definitely produce more than adequate rewards further down the line.

Facilities Management – Heads Up On Multi Taking

There are many ways of looking at how to run a business – from the top down, the person who started it in the very begining to the hi tech smooth operation it has turned into.    Having a robust facilities management team within the organisation these days is essential.  There are so many areas covered within their heading.  One of the key issues would be ensuring the company or organisation as a whole complies totally and unambiguously with the letter of the law.  We see many tragic industrial accidents through a working year reported on the news.  Eventually the inquests or official enquiry into these happenings always highlight a lack of expertise or simply not adhering to the rules – slapdash working practices that lead to an accident – and a death.    The consequences for the folk directly at fault for not knowing or taking notice of the rules can be fines, imprisonment, loss of reputation and confidence and of course, loss of the business with all the good staff with it.

Bringing Aucutoned Homes Up to Top Notch

We definitely need more inspiration in the home decorating and interior design sector of advertising.  With so many folk now at home, some genuinely working and others furloughed because they can’t, we need stimulus to get up off that sofa and really make a go of decorating to a high standard.    Supermarket shelves are full currently with magazines aimed at the young would-be property developer.  The sort that think they can buy a good house at auction and with a lock and a promise, turn it into a truly magnifient wonder home for twopence halfpeny.    This will never be the case now as for many years, there’s been a very prominent programme based entirely on folk buying property at auction.   As a result, being able to turn them around to become a good rental proposition or even better, a startling success if brought to the market for sale.    It takes planning and a budgget.  Plus endless paience and a good contractor to do the proper work!

Knowing Spending Limited For Renovations

If someone has some spare cash about, there’s little point in investing it in any bank based account.   Investing in property has often been hailed as the best way forward.  Obviously there have sometimes been as many bad times for that as there have been good, or so it seems.   For the most part, property does give a good return but only if it’s bought at the right price and has the right ratio of money spent on doing it up along the way.  Most areas will have a ceiling price and if someone’s buying to let it out for rent, then there’s most definitely a limited scope for ‘splashing the cash’.  Unless the owner’s going to live in it for a few years, then spending a lot on high end refurbs in a run down working class terrace, that money will never be recouped.  Better to make a tidy job of the renovation and stick to good quality budget refits which will impress and ensure a better quality tenant.